Enrolling Pets in Veterinary Clinical Studies:
Addressing Chronic or Acute Disease

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Clinical Trials

Clinical studies are research studies aimed at new or promising therapies for diseases. These scientific studies are designed to discover if a treatment is useful, well tolerated, and better than current therapies at managing disease.

Clinical studies for Pets

To improve the health of pets, clinical studies are conducted to discover new, safe, and effective methods to treat and diagnose disease. Many diseases have no good therapies, responding minimally or not at all to current treatments or procedures. This research addresses that gap and can reveal a more positive course of treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Carefully conducted clinical studies are the safest way to discover effective drugs, surgical procedures, and other treatments.

Participating in a Veterinary Clinical Study

Participation in a clinical study is voluntary. Participants receive all available information about the study and its possible effects. This dialog regarding information, benefits, and risk is known as informed consent. The decision to participate should be made in close consultation with your veterinarian.

We participate only in Phase III clinical studies, in which the primary safety and efficacy work has already been done. Phase III clinical studies are the last phase before final FDA approval. We carefully select the studies in which we participate, ensuring the safety and comfort of all participants. We will decline participating in studies if we are not completely comfortable with the protocol, treatments, and outcomes. Be assured, the best interest of all patients is always our primary objective.

Clinical studies offer many advantages to our patients in need, often including free surgeries, free diagnostic evaluations, free food, and free medications such as flea control or heartworm preventive. Clinical studies run for limited periods of time and have limited enrollment windows. Please check this page routinely or follow us on Facebook to learn about opportunities we may have ongoing.

Some clinical studies have independent funding to reduce or eliminate the cost of procedures, tests, and medications for enrolled patients. Our veterinarians will discuss these opportunities with you.

Canine Lifetime Health Project

  • The Canine Lifetime Health Project is a nationwide effort to advance veterinary medicine for dogs, allowing us to participate in studies that improve the health of dogs.
  • Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Lifetime Health Project is an online community of dog lovers willing to have their dogs participate in studies that will improve the health of dogs. By participating in the project, dog lovers will support Morris Animal Foundation’s efforts to give dogs longer, healthier lives.
  • The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, the first study of the Canine Lifetime Health Project, is a pioneering study focusing on identifying risk factors for development of cancer and other diseases in golden retrievers. It is a groundbreaking effort to learn how to prevent cancer and other diseases. It is the largest and longest observational study ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs. The study will enroll up to 3,000 golden retrievers and will last 10–14 years.

Enrolling My Pet

Clinical studies are designed to address very specific diseases and conditions. If there is not a current study available for your chronically ill pet, there may be a new study in the near future.

To learn more about ongoing clinical programs, please visit our Events page.

If you are interested in having your pet enrolled in a clinical study, contact our veterinarians to discuss the possibility.

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